Serralheiro - Metal Smith

Agricultural * Industrial * Artistic

"Can do... You show me what needs . . ."

restoring, mending, converting or making?

Mobile Forge/Workshop  *  Manual Metallic Gas (MIG) Welding
Metal Forge (self-made) - Charcoal or Coke fired  *  Presses and Drills

Alastair Burgess
Can do... Tools & Implements, Gates, Security Doors, Solar Panel Mountings, Ornamental Features for Home & Garden, Jewelry, Furniture, Construction Fixtures, Small or large Installations
                                       ". . . don't like doing car body work"
25 Years. My work has been shown internationally, for example on Gardener's World Live TV, for the FORD Car company.
Area: Based in Odemira, Alentejo. Can work Algarve to Lisbon.
Trade status: Self-employed
Echange Tradexr: Yes - Arcos, Euros, Time-swop, Negotiable.

Adobe Block Press



A.Burgess - Serralheiro

Tlm: 967 640 197
Email 'Alastair Burgess

Monte Pereiras - Quinta Arco-Iris
Caixa 6538, Portas Transval
7630-066 Odemira

Turned around Bike Plough

Especially favoured by our Alentejo neighbours

Simple Security Door

More Samples Here

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who aim to lead more ecological and more sustainable lifestyles.